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Sagamy Core Banking

Sagamy Core Banking is a banking suite that provides deposit and loan account management, high volume transaction processing capabilities, remote cash center management, dynamic loan tracking and reporting, along with automation of back office banking operations such as fixed assets, staff records, payroll, shares and impersonal account management.


Key Features of Sagamy Core Banking:

Savings and Current Deposit Account Management Fixed/Term Deposit Management
Group, Individual & Corporate Loans/Advances Management Lease Account Management
Hire Purchase Account Management Mortgage Account Management
Dynamic Loan Schedule Generation Chequebook and Passbook Management
Automated Cheque Clearing Management Integrated SMS Alert
Batch Transaction Management Interbranch Transaction Management
Document Management Impersonal Accounts Management
Standing Order Management Daily Cash Analysis
Shares Management Budget Management
Risk Management Fixed Assets Register
Staff Record Management Payroll Management
Cash Center Management BVN Capture & Verification


Regulatory Compliance


Due to Central Bank’s mandated policies and procedures to ensure accountability and compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements, we have ensured that SCB directly meets all the reporting requirements of CBN, allowing for automatic reporting and filing of the following (but not limited to) CBN specific reports:


Statement of Assets Schedule of Micro Loans By Lending Model
Schedule of Other Liabilities Statement of Profit Or Loss
Schedule of Balances Schedule of Placements
Breakdown of Other Loans Schedule of Loan Structure and Maturity Profile
Summary of Non-Performing Loans Summary of Loan Classification
Schedule of Interest Rates Schedule of Other Assets
Schedule of Other Deposits Schedule of Insured Deposits
Schedule of Deposit Structure and Maturity Profile Schedule of Other Reserves
Gap Analysis Sectorial Analysis of Loans and Advances


Robust Reporting


SCB was designed in such a way  to allow our customers define and implement various kinds of operational reports. The reports that can be generated are limited only by the imagination of the customer, so long as the data elements of the report have been captured in the SCB database. Examples of reports that can be generated include the following:


Deposit Accounts Periodic Statements
Statement of Account
Accounts by officers
Anti-Money Laundry
Personal ledger balances
Other user-defined reports
Standing order reports
Deposits by branch
Consolidated deposits reports
Loans Loan repayment schedule
Disbursement report
Non-performing loan report
Group loan reports
Loans by account officers
Loans outstanding report
Guarantors & collateral  report
Report on loans by due dates
Report on repayments
Loan Recovery Reports
Approved/Rejected/Pending loans
Overdraft schedule reports
Written off and rescheduled loan report
Loan cycle report
Consolidated loan accounts reports
Other user defined reports
Cash Centers Deposits by cash centers
Loans by cash centers
Teller transaction reports
Daily cash analysis of cash center transactions
Shares Register of shares for individuals
Register of shares for companies
Shares transaction for the period report
Generation of share certificates
Customers Customer Details Information
Customer by type reports
Customer by product reports
Report on Blacklisted clients
Report on customer balances and account transactions
SMS delivery reports
MFI Consumer Facility
MFI Consumer Subject
Fixed Assets Register of all fixed assets
Automatic calculation of depreciation schedule
Fixed asset periodic reports
Human Resource Staff List
Individual Pay Slip
Batch Pay Slip, Salary Schedule etc.
List of Users on SCB at any Point in Time
Performance Appraisals Management
Leave Management
Training Management
Budget Management Budget Planning
Actual vs. Budget Variance
Budget Reports
Financial Statements (Nigerian GAAP)
Profit and loss
Balance sheet
Cash flow
Financial Statements (IFRS) Statement of Comprehensive Income
Statement of Financial Position
Statement of Change in Equity
Audit Trail By user
By operations
By date
General Ledger Chart of accounts



August 5, 2016


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